Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kealoha's baby's 1st luau!

Kealoha is a girl that I met while working at Down to Earth in Kailua. Her baby was turning one, and she asked me to make her vegan cupcakes and a cake for her birthday. The party was at Waimanalo beach park, and it was such a perfect day.

She wanted them to look like waves and the ocean. And she wanted to have the cake look like flowers floating on top the ocean.

The cupcakes and cake were all chocolate filled with haupia.

The cupcakes had a swirl of vanilla buttercream and the cake had a layer of vanilla buttercream, and the flowers were coconut flavored.


831 Queen St. Honolulu, HI

Check it out. Cutest cafe, lunch menu, acai bowls, this place has it all. They even have a warehouse space in the back where they put on shows and open mic nights! how cool is that!?

here is their website:

and best of all, MY CUPCAKES ARE FOR SALE THERE. today's special is:
matcha green tea cupcakes with a raspberry cream frosting.

Christmas cupcakes!

I know, I know, it is already January 23rd!! I have gotten lazy with the blogging, because I have been so busy cupcaking! But here are some cupcakes from Christmas made for my mom's friend Darlene's office Christmas party.

The top ones are chocolate filled with haupia, and a dollop of vanilla buttercream on top.

The middle ones are lychee with vanilla buttercream.

And the bottom ones are lemon with vanilla buttercream.

Daniel's Birthday

Dinner at Shokudo and chocolate cupcakes!

Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream and lots of sprinkles and curly candles!

Transformer's 4th Birthday Party

Christian's dad found out about me through craigslist, and asked me to make "Bumblebee" themed cupcakes for his son's fourth birthday.
Half of the cupcakes were vanilla, and the other half were chocolate, all with a black and yellow swirl of vanilla buttercream.
The cake on top is a layer of chocolate, and a layer of vanilla with buttercream filling and frosting.